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The project

Klaus Rudolph

The innovative red bridge project was initiated in 2017 and is designed to build bridges – on the one hand, between three cultural institutions in Luxembourg located on both sides of the «Red Bridge» connecting the city centre with the Kirchberg district; on the other hand, also between artistic disciplines, audiences, and different social groups. Promoting the exploration of new working methods, the red bridge project enables each of our institutions to expand its boundaries. After Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and William Kentridge, the third edition opens a new dimension under the leadership of the Samoan-New Zealand artist Lemi Ponifasio. His vision is to invite the diversity of Luxembourg communities to this red bridge project, working with his company MAU and the three institutions in dialogue and the creation of new art.

Lemi Ponifasio

The Samoan-New Zealand director and choreographer Lemi Ponifasio is known for his radical theatre proposal «cosmovision» and his collaborations with communities and indigenous cultures. Ponifasio founded MAU in 1995 as the philosophical foundation and essence of his work, the name he gives to his work and also the people and communities he works with. MAU is a Samoan word meaning the declaration to the truth of a matter as an effort to transform. Following the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (2017/18) and the South African artist William Kentridge (2020/21), Ponifasio is the artistic director of this season’s red bridge project, a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Luxembourg’s Théâtres de la Ville, the Mudam and the Philharmonie.

The Manifestation

Ce que résister veut dire

par Jérôme Quiqueret

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